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General Meeting - RAC Biratnagar

General Meeting
2076-4-25 / 2019-08-10  |  
Venue : Rotary Bhawan Biratnagar
Objectives :

To attend a Club meeting and dicuss under agendas.



Project Detail

We Rac Biratnagar have an our Club general meeting.  The meeting was started at 8 AM sharp. The meeting duration holds 1 hrs and have an 30 minutes as a fellowships before a meeting hours. Altogether, 21 participation were there and discuss on agendas and we started RGK called Rotary General Knowkedge as a club programme to bulid a extra more knowledge about Rotary and Rotaract.There were altogether 7 questions to be asked 5 of them from Rotary and Rotaract related 2's of them were extra question as a out knowledge and more who answered get the opportunity to ask question on next upcomming meeting.

       On same day we Rac Biratnagar also attended a Rotary meeting to further discuss on club installation and others agendas too.

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